MAGICFAT - 100% pure cocoa fat in the form of a very fine snow-white powder


This vegetable fat has amazing properties and is perfect for frying and grilling. Like coconut oil, it has a high smoke point, above 200ºC, higher than common oils or butter, so popular in the kitchen. Additionally, MagicFat brings out the natural aroma of even the most delicate ingredients such as frutti di mare or pâté de foie gras. Unbelievable, you can also cook a perfect steak covered in MagicFat powder. Always sprinkle meat, fish or vegetables with MagicFat as with breading and place it in a dry pan. Thanks to this, the dishes will perfectly retain their natural juiciness.

MagicFat is perfect for adding cocoa butter tempering chocolate. Adding just 1-2% of MagicFat to the melted mass will easily ensure stable crystallization of the chocolate. gives the chocolate a shine and better breakability.


Our cocoa butter can be used in confectionery as a substitute for gelatin in confectionery preparations such as mousses and creams, for example in Bavarian Cream. It gives these sweets a smooth and creamy texture, vivid color and excellent taste.

MagicFat is an important component of the ketogenic diet. It can be added to soups and hot drinks or mixed with herbs or spices. It is good to know that we add up to 15% MagicFat to our ceremonial cocoa powder to prepare different homemade keto chocolates.